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#25 Web TV: Nine O'Clock Trainer Golf Practice Aid

Nine O'Clock Trainer Golf Practice Aid

This week's tip is learning how to get yourself into the nine o'clock position  to help you hit your balls straighter.

In the video above I share with you a fantastic practice aid called the Nine O'Clock Trainer

This trainer helps you get into the nine o'clock position and shows you the position your arms should be in when you are taking your club back to that nine o'clock position. I can't tell you too much, you have to check out the video as I show you how to use it.

You don't hit balls with it, you just use it to practice getting into positions, it is a great reference point. So no excuse that you can't practice it at home, office, anywhere you like!

To purchase a Nine O'Clock Trainer click on  Swing Straight and it will take you straight to the website.

Hope you enjoy the practice.

Once you have got yourself a Nine O'Clock Trainer  I would love to hear how you went with the practice.

Did this tip help you?

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