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#23 Web TV: Chipping Drill Through Goals in Backyard

This week's tip is a follow on drill from two of my previous tips. I have included the links for both of these here, #19 Web TV: Chipping Drill in Backyard and #22 Web TV: Chipping Drill to Improve Your Technique so if you haven't seen these then both of these videos will compliment this week's tip.

Once you have your chipping technique working efficiently then I have a great practice drill here that will really help with alignment and direction for your chipping. Again this drill is simple and easy to do at home in the backyard. You are not working on distance for this drill but definitely working on your direction.

Check out the video above and practice it at home.

Once you have done this I would love to hear how you went with the practice.

Did this tip help you?

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Tiffany Mika

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