#207 Get Consistency With Your Driver Without Having To Completely Change Your Golf Swing

 Are you wanting more consistency in your driver?

Well look no further I'm going to show you one really simple tip that you must do otherwise you won't get consistency out of your driver.

Hey there, Tiff here The Lady Golf Teacher and welcome to today's tip. So consistency that's it isn't it? We all want that, it's every golfer's dream is consistency. It's what everybody wants consistency. But I'll tell you a secret the reason that they're not getting consistency is because they're not doing this one thing!

What is that one thing you ask?

It's one of my little secrets, but I think it's really important that you understand this and when you do then apply this it'll make a lot of sense to you.

What is this number one secret that I'm talking about?

This number one tip that if you don't get right you can't get consistency out of your shot?

The most important thing is we have to work on keeping the club face straight. Whatever your hands do, the club face follows. The club is an extension of your hands.

So how do we apply it into a swing?

Just do a nice back and through swing and after you make contact check your hands to see if they stay still through the ball and then hold for three seconds.

Follow these steps:

1. Long Back

2. Long through

3. Hands straight at contact

4. 1, 2, 3 Hold

5. Check and see if your hands are still at the 1,2,3 hold position.

And then repeat!


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To your golfing success, 

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Tiffany Mika

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  • Yep……well done. Thanks Tiff.


    Lyn Pryor
  • Now that lessons at Warringah are finished, I’ll sure be relying on your ‘tips’ videos!

    Jan Etherington

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