#199: How To Pitch Over The Bunker Consistently - Part 1

How To Pitch Over The Bunker Consistently - Part 1

You know that pitch shot I talked to you about, on how to take the wrists out of it so that you can get the ball to pop up into the air with less margin for error.

Do you remember me talking to you about that one?

Well, if you do, exciting stuff, we are going to work on that so it helps us over one of those things, yes, the bunker.

You know the simple pitch shot that I showed you how to do without flipping your hands around, nice and simple, straight back and straight thru, well, the question then becomes, what else can we use it for?

Well, why not use it to hit over the bunker?

What’s more terrifying than hitting the ball over the bunker?

Probably hitting the ball over the water, right?

What we want to do here is to make sure we are using the same technique, which I will go through again, and then we’ll work on hitting it over the bunker.

Today, I’ll actually show you how to do it from this way, over, and then when you see the next one, you’ll see it from the back so that you can actually see what goes on, hitting the balls over those nice big bunkers.

So, we’ll focus on getting the ball up and over the bunker. How are we going to do that without freaking out? Well, if you saw the previous tip where I talk about no hinging the hands around, or the wrists or anything like that, we just worked on a straight back, straight through movement, you can actually get the ball over the bunker quite consistently.

But again, you have to go out and practice these things. It’s most important that even though I show you what to do in these videos, you just have to get out there and do the practice to make sure the pieces are doing the right thing.

Now, we are going to go long back, long through, you have seen that before, no moving the hands around or anything like that.

So, let’s do a set up. Long back and long through and you can see that the ball popped up really nicely off the clubface.

Did I flick my hands around?

No, I did not.

Let’s do another one, long back and long through. Funny that, it did the same thing.

There is something in that for you isn’t there?

That was a really simple tip for you wasn’t it?

An easy way to get the balls over the bunker way more consistently.

Hope you enjoyed today’s tip. Love it if you could leave a comment and always remember this, Tee it High and Let it Fly.

To your golfing success,
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Tiffany Mika

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  • Hi Bridie

    Thank you very much Bridie.

    Tiff :)

  • Hi Liz

    Go for it Liz, keep practising. Hope to see you on December 4th at Warringah.


  • Hi Kaye

    Why thank you very much. Love you too!!! Tiff xxx

  • Helpful tip about not moving the wrists when you hit the ball – keeping arms and wrists straight

    Susan Morrison
  • Helpful tip about not moving the wrist when you hit the ball – keeping hands and arms straight

    Susan Morrison

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