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#198: The Simple Consistent Pitch Shot

 The Simple Consistent Pitch Shot

Hey there, Tiff, The Lady Golf Teacher here, I’m going to show you a very simple pitching technique that doesn’t require you to bend your wrists.

I find that pitching, at times, when you bend your wrists too much, causes a lot of problems in your pitching and you can’t get consistency, so I’m going to show you how to not do it.

This is exactly what I am going to show you. Stop hinging those wrists. We want to keep our pitch shots really simple, the club is going to do the work for you.

You hear it all the time, people say to you or pros say to you, let the club do the work. What that actually means is, hold onto the club, let your arms swing back and through and let the club collect the ball along the way. Don’t try and help it. If you are trying to help it or lift it up, it actually stops the ball from lifting off the clubface.

Believe it or not!

I’m going to show you a very simple pitching action where you don’t need to hinge your wrists at all. I find that the more you hinge your wrists in certain part of your game, causes a lot more errors.

We want to take the errors out, I know that you want to be consistent in everything that you do, so let’s do that.

A lot of people, when they go to hit a pitch shot, try to hinge in the wrists. There is so much hinging that when they come back down, they have to try and do something with the hands and end up flicking the ball. It’s okay to do that if you get all the angles right at the right time, but if you are struggling with it then it’s not a good idea.

The goal here is to make sure we simplify the movement so that one, we get consistency for sure, two, we are hitting the ball exactly where we want it to go and three, the ball is climbing up off the clubface and lifting into the air.

What we are going to do here is to go straight back and straight thru, pretty simple movement, it’s possible that if you let the club come thru and hit the grass, you may have seen the tip when I talked about hitting the grass, let the ball lift up into the air and all you are doing is holding onto the club, long back and long through and that’s it.

We’re not hinging up, not bending, just long back, long thru and hold. Ball lift straight up off the clubface, simple movement.

I want you to go out there and practice the long back, long through and hold.

Hope you enjoyed today’s tip. Love it if you could leave a comment and always remember this, Tee it High and Let it Fly.

To your golfing success,
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Tiffany Mika

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  • Hi Kaye

    Ain’t golf grand!! It tests you so much and yes even at Tiger’s level.

    Everyone will be tested on how calm they will stay in the moment of playing a shot.

    Every shot is a new shot in a new moment and it will depend on how calm you can be mentally, how much you trust your shot and how much confidence you have in your skills. As you get closer to the hole the more accurate you need to become. And the Pro’s understand that big time!

    Kaye when you worry about making a mistake in your golf, you will make the mistake because you focus on making mistakes. That’s how it works.

    All you can do the best you can in the moment. Which means trusting the shot you make and focusing on playing the best shot you can in that moment, when staying calm.

    You can also listen to my Tiffany Mika Podcast Show as I talk alot about dealing with your mind when you are playing your sport.

    Tiff :)

  • Hi Val

    Glad you are enjoying the tips. There are plenty more up my sleeve.

    Tiff :)

  • Hi Gail

    You are early days into your golf, so everything you are going to do will be frustrating. Every single golfer around the world totally understands how you feel. But it just requires practising the right things as we do on Mondays and just keep hanging in there.

    Tiff :)

  • Hey Dave from USA Great to hear from you again. Yes it’s just working on providing a bit more control over the wedges. So, the girls can keep practising them… Dana and Anne. Tiff :)

  • Hi Laraine

    You are welcome.

    Tiff :)


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