#180 Web TV: Get Consistency With Your Driver

Get Consistency With Your Driver

Do you find that you struggle getting consistency with your driver?

Are you hitting your driver all over the place?

There could be something that is missing in your golf swing that you are actually not doing. That’s what we are going to be looking at today.

Do you find that you are inconsistent with your driver?

Sometimes you hit them nice and straight and it all works, it works really well and for some reason it just happens and other times you may top them, or they may just fly out all over the place.

Do you find that happening?

I hear you and I hear your pain. I know when I first started I really struggled with the driver and I just left it in the golf bag until I got competent from really working on the skills, it used to slice out to the right all the time. I made sure that when I was learning to play golf, and I learned as an adult, everyone thinks I learnt as a kid, but I was an adult.

I found that if I made really good, clean contact with the ball and the club face was nice and straight the ball would work so much better.

That’s what I find with people these days, they are actually not aware of what their golf club has to do. So, in order for you to get the ball to go from here to there, you have to make sure that your club face is straight. If you are moving your club face when you hit the ball, how can you keep it straight? We need to make sure that you are keeping the club face straight.

You may have seen a video I made not so long ago, about having good, solid contact and you know, the same thing applies to the driver and that’s what I’m going to show you today.

In simple terms what we need to make sure we that when we make contact the club face has got to be straight. That’s it. It’s as simple as that. People really struggle with it, when they come down trying to make contact with the ball, they try to flick the club up or move their hands in some way and the club moves all over the place. You have to think that the club face and the club are an extension of what your hands do. If the hands are twisting, then so is the club face. We should make sure that the club face stays nice and straight.

We need to make sure that when we are making contact with the ball, it’s all about keeping the hands straight, just because you have a driver in your hand doesn’t mean that the swing is different. This is where people struggle getting consistency with the driver is simply because they feel they have to do something else because they have a big-headed club therefore they have to grip it and rip it as hard as they can and hope that it all works to get it down there. The problem is they don’t understand what is actually going on in the swing.

When I teach people, I ask them “what did you do with your hands?” they don’t know “what did you do with club face?” they don’t know. If you are not aware when you make contact with the ball of what is actually going on, you’re not aware of what your hands are doing at contact and you are not aware of what the club face is doing at contact, how can you hit a straight shot?

If you do it's potluck isn’t it?

We need to understand that when you actually make contact with the ball, it’s all about keeping the hands and the club nice and straight. Remember, if you move or twist your hands around the golf club does exactly the same thing.

I want you to do nice, little, simple, half swings and all we are going to do is to go straight back and straight through. That’s it.

When you are coming through, are you moving your hands around? No, not at all!

When you actually make contact with the ball, that’s it, nice and straight, not all the twisting of the hands, because if you do, the club will roll over the ball and anything can happen.

Now, here we go, I’m going to hit three balls for you so you can see what I’m doing or you can rewind the video and watch again. A little swing, back, through, hold. Notice I am not trying to do anything special. Back, through, hold. You would have seen this in other videos that I have done, chipping over bunkers, pitching, chipping, in everything I do, back, through, hold.

Notice that everything is nice and straight, and the balls are going straight, how exciting! Repeat it, because that is where consistency is. If you are saying that you can’t get consistent, this is why.

I’m very passionate about this because I want to make sure that it works for you, this is where the secret is, where the answer is. So easy, just come through and hold.

That’s what you need to be focused on. If you can do that consistently, then that’s how you can start getting your driver more consistent.

Okay, what did you think of that? Much more simple? Golf should be simple, it shouldn’t be difficult.

I want you to go and practice and work on that because if you can’t get that right then it doesn’t matter what else you do in your golf swing because is just will not work. Focus on getting that right.

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Let’s share the love.

Have an absolutely awesome day, take care, and remember; Tee it high and Let it fly.

To your golfing success,
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Tiffany Mika

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  • Great thanks Tiff
    Always good to go back to basics

    Gai Carrick
  • You make easy tasks. Perfect explaination of the skill. Thanks

    Trish Nichol
  • Best tip thanks Tiff – and it really works!!!

    Sue Morrison
  • Thanks for the tip with the driver, I will try to apply it with my games next week. Cheers Irene

    Irene Williams
  • Looks quite easy just have to practice more !!!

    Elizabeth Ellery

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