#164 Web TV: Ladies Golf Clothing At Golf Stitch - Golf Concept Outlet Store

Ladies Golf Clothing At Golf Stitch - Golf Concept Outlet Store

Guess where we are?

Yes, we are at a golf outlet. I have a great friend of mine who is going to share some really cool clothing items with you and we are now going to have a chat with him. See what you can get.

Come with me, we’re going to meet Michael.

Here is the lovely Michael Brown, very experienced golf pro himself and he has established his store, called Golf Stitch and he is at Terrey Hills and the great thing about Michael’s store is that he has some great deals going on.

Tiff: Michael, what are you doing here?

Michael: Basically, all products are last seasons or broken size runs so the prices are rock bottom. Wholesale prices of last year’s retail. Keeping the prices down but the brand names up.

Tiff: So, what we are going to do is to go over to look at clothes so that you can get onto Michael’s site and have a look. You can actually come and visit Michael at Terrey Hills and we will give you the address a little bit later but first we’ll check out some really cool clothes. Michael, let’s hear a bit about you before we talk about the great clothes that you have here. You’ve been playing golf pretty much you whole life, haven’t you?

Michael: Yes. I don’t play too much anymore.

Tiff: He’s too busy with his business.

Michael is a golf pro who did his training at Bayview. What else did you do after that?

Michael: I started sales on the road with Cutter and Buck in apparel and then moved on to Mizuno and Calvin Klein.

Tiff: Why did you want to start your own store?

Michael: I thought there was a market for it. Selling to all the golf shops, I know their price points were very high and they were all the same. I think it was overprices and the selection was minimal. I want to give a bigger range, all sizes 6 through to 20 in bottoms and tops and at the cheapest price possible.

Tiff: He’s got some great gear here.

Michael: Yes, not bad.

Tiff: What have you got for us here?

Michael: A few samples of the brands that we do. We have Calvin Klein, Daley Sports, Green Lamb and Abacus. They are just a few of the brands we stock, all great quality at the right price. Basically, your skorts and bottoms and Capri’s are 59 dollars. $59 to $69.

Tiff: What do they usually retail for?

Michael: $119 to $149.

Tiff: A big difference.

Michael: All sizes, 6 through to 20 across the range.

Tiff: You can also get lots of different tops, bottoms, socks?

Michael: Yes, bags, belts, you name it, we’ve got it. We’ve even got little purses there. Rainhats, knitwear, outer wear, waterproofs, everything covered.

Tiff: It’s not just ladies wear, there are gentlemen’s gear as well, so for you ladies that come in and buy for yourself, you have to buy your hubby something too.

Michael: You that’s true, the men don’t come in themselves.

Tiff: Where are you actually located?

Michael: Terrey Hills Driving Range, downstairs opposite the bottom level of the driving range which is on Myoora Road, Terrey Hills. Just off Mona Vale Road, Terrey Hills.

Tiff: Also, you don’t have to come directly into the store, it would be great if you did, but Michael is actually selling all his products online as well. What is the website for that?

Michael: Every product that we have in here is also on the web. We offer free returns as well. So, if for any reason, you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit right, pack it up and we’ll pay for it to come back. No problem at all.

Tiff: He’s great, isn’t he? So Michael you can also organise for people from the Lady Golf Teacher community, a discount? A code for them.

Michael: Yes. Anyone who jumps online and orders through there, we have a promotion of 25% off all items on your first order. If you come into the store just mention Tiffany’s name or The Lady Golf Teacher and the same applies there, 25% off.

Tiff: There you go. Just say that Tiff sent you.

So, thank you Michael this is great, a great opportunity to come in and have a chat to you about your store and I wish you the best of luck. I think it’s really going to rock.

This is pretty cool isn’t it. I hope you had an awesome time listening to what Michael had to say, come and visit him in the store and also visit his online store and remember to put in the code for The Lady Golf Teacher, you’ll see it down on my website.

You just have to look for the link that will come through for you. Mention my name when you come and visit Michael at the store so he will look after you.

Golf Stitch Online Store ===>>>

Address for Golf Stitch ==>> 1 Niangala Close, Belrose, NSW, 2085, Australia

Discount Code No Longer Valid

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