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#145 Web TV: The Secret To Hitting Up To An Elevated Green

The Secret To Hitting Up To An Elevated Green

You know those elevated greens you know the ones that are up high and you're down low and you're trying to get the
ball up over onto the green?

Well how can a leaf help you do that?

Hmm I've got a secret for you!

The leaf  - how can the leaf  help you get a ball up onto an elevated green?

Just so you know...  you cannot use the leaf in competition, but you can use it in practice which will help you in

Now this is what we need to do when we go to play a shot. We actually want to make sure that the club comes down and actually hits the grass just before the ball. So you hit the grass just before the ball... the ball climbs up the club face and then it pops off the club face.

So that's all we want the ball to do is to pop up onto the green.

Now there are challenges in doing it... simply because what people tend to do is when they are in a situation where
they want to pop the ball up they try and lift it up ... and what ends up happening is that the ball is not connected with properly, the ball hits the top of the elevation and runs back down again,  doesn't it?

And then what?

You have to play another shot!

We want to stop that from happening... so I'm going to share with you one of my little secrets that I do teach my
clients and if you come to any of my clinics and so on,  you will learn all this sort of stuff!

Now onto the the trick with the leaf.


Place the leaf behind the ball. Set up behind the ball and the plan for you is to hit the leaf that's sitting just behind the ball. Once you hit the leaf, the ball will come up onto the club face... and then the ball will pop up in the air... and land on the elevated green.

And now perform your shot.

It is quite a simple pitch technique... and who would have thought that a leaf could be so useful out on the golf course.

Have an absolutely awesome day, take care, and remember; Tee it high and Let it fly.

To your golfing success,
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