#140 Web TV: Improve Your Chipping Technique Now

Improve Your Chipping Technique Now

Do you remember last week when I showed you a video about improving your 5 metre chip shot?

Last week you saw me chipping, in the back yard, on the chipping mat (a section of synthetic grass mat) down to the chipping area which was 5 metres.

I showed you what to do from a 5 metre distance.

What I’m going to do today is to show you a face on view so that you can see what you need to do here to help your setup and the process you can go through to get the technique going pretty well.

With your left foot, right handed golfers, put your left foot in line with the ball, and the right foot is going to sit back with the heel off the ground.

If you are a left handed golfer, hitting the ball the other way, it would be right foot forward, left foot would be sitting back and the heel would be off the ground, so that you can go through to the left.

Being a right handed golfer I’m going to the right!

Set the ball in line with the left foot, put your hands about half way down the grip, you don’t have to put them right down the bottom, about half way, and set the club in behind the ball and push our hands just an iddy bit forward. Just a little bit forward and the club is secure, the thing I will tell you right now is to make sure your wrist is nice and straight. When you set it up don’t have a bent wrist, make sure it’s nice and straight.

The thing with a 5 metre chip, we worked on it last week but it doesn’t matter what the distance is, just work out what the swing length is. All we are going to do is a nice, easy swing length, around about an 8 to 4 swing. What I want you to see is that when I’m coming through to hit the ball, everything is staying nice and straight, I’m not trying to lift the club. The ball will lift anyway.

I’ll show you quickly, if you have a look at the club, it has a loft, it’s actually the loft that lifts the ball, not you lifting the ball up. Get set, push the hands forward a little bit and go tic-toc and then hold that position. It’s really simple. Anyone can do this.

You can see that the balls are popping up nice and easy, not having to force them to pop up in the air because the loft is actually doing that on the golf club.

It is that simple.

Don’t make your golf really complex, make it really simple.

The key to this is to make sure you are practicing it over and over again.

I was just in a conversation with a good friend of mine, Carrie, and we were saying how much you have to apply to practice and give yourself that time to practice so that you can drill in the drills. I recommend that if you want to get it really well done it will take you about three months to in-grain and make sure you get particular techniques right.

Give yourself a chance to do that and practice and practice. Even 10 minutes a day, just doing that particular action so that you can improve the technique itself. Once the technique has improved, everything else will fall into place for you.

I would love you to leave a comment and let me know what value you got out of today’s tip and that it has really helped you to go out there and practice your chip shots, remember, you can do it in the back yard like I’m demonstrating today or you can go and do it at the driving range, the chipping green or wherever you may be.

Have an absolutely awesome day, take care, and remember; Tee it high and Let it fly.

To your golfing success,
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Tiffany Mika

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