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#136 Web TV: Never Give Up Your Golf - Here's Why!

Never Give Up Your Golf - Here's Why!

Today we are going to have a chat with both Pene and Julie and they are going to give you their experiences about what they are finding with golf. They have played a bit of golf and had some lessons, they have had a break and then come back. We’re going to talk about that and some of the things you might be able to relate to and also could inspire you if you have given up to take it back up again. Or if you are thinking about taking up golf then these are the two perfect ladies to listen to.

This is Tiffany the Lady Golf Teacher here and I have the beautiful Pene and the beautiful Julie here with me this afternoon. They have just played golf and it’s about forty degrees. We are lucky we are on the coast is all I can say. We have the beautiful water in the back ground so we have a nice ocean breeze but it was a little bit warm for them today.

You know what? They are stayers and they are out there playing, which is pretty awesome.

Tiff: Pene, let’s start with you, initially why did you want to take up golf?

Pene: My husband plays golf and I thought to have a relationship with him as we are getting older, also something to do to go to lovely courses around the world and to enjoy something, which he loves, together. It was very difficult for me to do it. Every time I tried it, on and off over the years with the odd teacher, I just couldn’t get it together and was not inspired to keep going, basically.

It was really when I came across you, Tiff, and it was my friend Julie who encouraged me and at that point for me it was having a depressive, tough time a work and Julie said come and play golf. I thought, oh Julie, telling me to do that again, but I did and she was being coached by Tiff in a group and it was fantastic.

I guess what I think about you (Tiff) and the coaching, was you made me feel like I could do it and every time you have been so supportive and you have taken me to the level that I could do and feel good about it and I just love doing it now.

I can’t believe that I have got to this point. I’m not very good (Tiff: It takes time) but that’s okay.

Tiff: Julie, first experiences? Why you took it up and what you found when you first started.

Julie: I didn’t actually volunteer. I was given a gift of six classes with you Tiff (lucky Julie) from a friend who had been talking for ten years. I had been talking about doing it forever and it was that gift of six classes and my girlfriend took me along, she wasn’t going to let me just fob it off and I have to say that I thought I was so uncoordinated and not sporty, but thank you Tiff you took us in small steps up that learning curve and after about two sessions it was like, oh my God, I can do this.

Tiff: Yes, good.

Julie: I also found it a very humbling experience because the minute you start to think you’ve got it you get a bit of an experience to remind you to put your ego in your pocket and just stay remembering the basics.

Tiff: Yes, a big thing with golf it really doesn’t matter what level of golf that you actually play, it’s making sure that you always go back to the basics. Even the pros, with their coaches, they always go back to the basics. No matter what level of golf you are playing, whether you are starting out, or you are playing quite competently now you make sure that those fundamentals are in place. The things that are actually going to keep pushing you forward.

If we move on, both Pene and Julie took some time out, probably about two years?

Julie: It was two years for me.

Tiff: Same for you Pene?

Pene: Yes, a year and a half.

Tiff: Okay. Why take the time off and then what are you finding now that you have come back?

Pene: Really work commitments made it difficult and coming back, why? I just want to do it and I love doing it, being coached by you. I think it’s fantastic. I don’t know whether I would be as inspired by anyone else, you seem to get women. I’m sorry I’m telling you how good you are but you do seem to get how it is for women. The mind game that it is which is something special that you have and that’s the go.

Tiff: Julie, you have come back now and for what reasons?

Julie: I do contract work and I had an almost two-year contract and couldn’t find the time. Pene actually said to me this time that Tiff had a clinic on Wednesday mornings. It’s an early start, 8 o’clock, which is great and after one clinic with you it was like it clicked again, so it seems as though the memory of co-ordination doesn’t take long to come back. I’m really encouraged after two clinics, it’s fabulous. Golf is such a nice sport because you can take it as slow or as fast as you like and it can be relaxing when you do your best.

Tiff: Another thing that I noticed was when you came last week to the clinic you said it was just like picking up where I left off. The language was the same, I don’t change the way that I operate and you thought that was okay.

Julie: It’s actually good. If you have been out and then come back, your style is unique and your language is unique and so your students click straight in, I did.

Tiff: Yes. I do find because as you know, there are certain things I talk about that you can easily remember. Yes, Elvis legs, you have to come and have a lesson if you want to know what those are.

Pene: I think when we do it with our eyes closed, that just blows me away. The fact that you can teach us the correct positioning that we can hit a great ball with our eyes closed.

Tiff: That blew your mind didn’t it. I saw last week that you, Julie, looked around at Pene and said, oh my God, I can do that.

Julie: Yes, we were doing it today out on the course, eyes closed.

Pene: We decided to do our practice shots with our eyes closed. There’s a tip.

Tiff: It is a tip but we’re not going to tell you much more.

Now you are back into the swing of things, what is the next step forward for you with your golf, starting back into the clinics and the “I play golf” program that I run, lessons and out there playing on the course? That’s all part of the program as well. What is the next step that you feel for you?

Pene: Well I am depending on Julie for doing some market research into golf clubs. She has taken a bit of time to go and see what is happening at each different club.

Tiff: So, you are saying to look into what clubs have to offer for women so you can actually go and play in competitions in the future? Is that the plan? Somewhere you can call home to go and play as well.

Pene: Somewhere that’s a good feeling and there is a lot offering, we haven’t decided on that as yet. I just want to be competent, actually. This is great, coming here, for nine holes, it works for us at the moment. In forty-degree heat!

Tiff: Yes, it is summer, January and summer.

Julie: I’m the same. I think that if you have the time to put into it a membership makes a lot of sense. I’m surprised at the variation the different clubs offer or don’t offer and your (Tiff’s) formula of going around to correct you in the nine holes is just amazing. I think I can’t have Tiff with me all the time, where can I do that that I don’t get cranky people chasing me up from behind and telling me to hurry up. Some clubs are supportive of beginners and learners and some aren’t.

Tiff: Unfortunately.

Julie: I am finding quite a variation. My commitment is to join a club and continue. I think it’s the healthiest sport I have found as you age. No matter what you condition I think we are all healthier if we do it.

Tiff: What about the social aspect? I know you two play together and it’s very social, but do you find because women like to get drawn into a community style environment is that the direction you want to go. I know what I do here and all the ladies get on quite well and have a good time together. Is that also a big part of what you want?

Julie: I don’t have a partner so for me that’s really important.

Tiff: The social aspect?

Julie: Yes. Some clubs have or seem to have quite a bit of choice, everything from pilates to yoga and ukulele lessons and trivia nights. All sorts of stuff. Looking at that side of the club as well and do they have a decent little coffee shop, bistro, something like that, have something to eat after playing golf. Variation is lovely and I think if it has reciprocal arrangements with other clubs that would be good as well.

Tiff: And travel. Once you can play golf you can go anywhere in the world. It’s quite amazing. I’m going to Bali. Going somewhere like that or Hawaii or America you can go to various places that we have been to in the past, golf has been great. You can just go and play golf. We are usually put wit people that we don’t know, so it’s fabulous, you get to meet new people.

Julie: I haven’t thought about that.

Tiff: It’s absolutely fabulous. I met my husband at the golf club.

Julie: That’s another element, I haven’t thought of. That’s optimistic.

Pene: Well perhaps I can keep my husband by coming to the golf club.

Tiff: You better go the golf club with him.

Pene: Yes. I better go to the golf club with him, I think. I thought St Andrews, right across the other side of the world. I would love to go to some of those places and to be good enough to be able to play.

Tiff: Even in my videos I say that once you have the fundamentals in place then you can utilize it anywhere and go and play anywhere. The most magnificent course I love are in Hawaii, so we get to combine our holiday and play golf.

But all up and down the coast of Australia, it’s magnificent, I’ve been from Sydney to Perth, driving across the Nullarbor links as well, it’s a very different golf course because you are basically playing behind a road house where you play off a synthetic mat and play through the rough up to a synthetic green.

There are a couple of golf courses that you do play a hole here and a hole there or two. Kalgoorlie is where you finish up if you go from Ceduna to Kalgoorlie in that direction which is a great golf course to finish on. I would recommend going that way rather than the other way around.

It’s pretty amazing, you can travel around Australia and play golf.

Pene: I didn’t know that.

Tiff: Yes. A golfing tour, I’ll have to put up a golfing tour. If you want a golfing tour you have to leave a comment. The Lady Golf Teacher Golf Tour. We’ll travel around Australia playing golf everywhere.

Julie: We’ll take a documentary and Four Corners will run it.

Tiff: We’ll let the marketing guru (Julie) run it and

Pene: Okay marketing guru, we’re on let’s do it.

Tiff: Is there anything else you would like to share, do you think there might be somebody like yourself, just starting out, a little bit hesitant, would you suggest anything for a lady or even a guy, I won’t discriminate here. If you are nervous about playing golf would you recommend playing?

Julie: I do actually. I don’t think you need to worry if you don’t have a friend to go with, because if you join a class like Tiff’s, Tiff’s very friendly and the ladies and the men as well are all at the same level and we’re all just as anxious. It’s very supportive, much more than I ever expected. I wouldn’t hesitate, give it a shot you have nothing to lose.

Tiff: Pene, do you have anything extra to add?

Pene: Really, just that all the ladies that we seem to meet are great and I guess you have a comradery about golf which is terrific and everybody is having a head game as well.

Tiff: Very mental.

Pene: Yes, it’s like women who have babies or people who age together, golf is something we all feel.

Tiff: Yes, you have the connection.

Pene: I think people would find it fantastic.

Tiff: Well, thankyou very much Julie and Pene, I really appreciate you coming to have a casual chat this afternoon in the shade, out of the forty-degree heat. It’s great in the shade.

I hope that has inspired you and you want to take action and improve your golf. If you want to come and have lessons with me, you know where to find me but I would love you to leave a comment and share with us what value you got out of today’s chat.

Have an absolutely awesome day, take care, and remember; Tee it high and Let it fly.

To your golfing success,
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Tiffany Mika

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