#133 Web TV: Play The Downhill Lie Chip Shot

Play The Downhill Lie Chip Shot

The downhill lie, how do we do it?

Today we’ll be doing the downhill lie, a chip shot so that it’s nice and simple for you and I’ll show you what happens when you have the ball positioned in different places. In the centre or the front of the foot, or at the back of the foot to see which way to get the best response from the ball.

Placing balls on a downhill lie, I’ll show you the best possible way to make it work.

The ball is on a downhill lie and we want to chip it onto the green. If we were to set up normally for our chip shot, we would push our hands forward a little bit. Playing the ball in line with the inside of the left heel, I’ll show you what happens. You can get away with it but it’s a bit scrappy because the ball is too far forward and you end up just hitting the leading edge (bottom of the club). You don’t get any lift and it tends to scull across the green.

Putting the ball in the middle of the stance, in line with the centre of the chest, push the hands forward and go back and through. It’s okay. We can make better contact with the ball, it comes off the club face a little bit better, but it’s not as clean as we would like.

Now to play the ball off the inside of the right heel, if you are a lefty it would be the inside of the left heel, when you do the action and get a nice clean shot. We want to make sure that we create consistency on the downhill lie and also make sure that the shot is working every single time.

Let’s try it on the outside of the right foot, lefties, the outside of your left foot. Place the ball in line with the outside of your right foot and do the action. It’s beautiful, you have much more control.

What you can do is to start experimenting with the ball position that works best for you.

I would suggest aligned with the inside of your right heel, or the outside of your right foot would be the best positions to play the downhill lie for a right handed golfer. 

If you are a leftie, obviously it’s going to be the other side, the inside of your left foot and the outside of your left foot.

Experiment with it, but play the ball off the front foot as well and play the ball off the centre, so you can understand the difference of the feel of the shot and to see where the club is hitting the ball most clean.

Have an absolutely awesome day, take care, and remember; Tee it high and Let it fly.

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