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#131 Web TV: Chipping Tips - How To Hit Consistent Chip Shots

Chipping Tips - How To Hit Consistent Chip Shots

Do you find that you have some real issues with your chipping action, like you're finding that you're sculling the ball across the green. You may find you are almost frightened to hit the ball, so when you do actual hit you may duff it… you make a mistake with it may not run to far, it may trickle or it may shoot across the green in your wave goodbye as off it goes into that beautiful bunker.

Well what I'm going to do today is to show you just a very simple way on how to improve your chipping and improve the confidence in the actual stroke so that… you don't have that fear of actually coming through the shot.

You know I often see people when they're when they're chipping onto the green even when you know it's got nothing to do with a hole, there are so much nerves and fear that actually comes into their chip shot that they make mistakes.

What we want to make sure that when applying the chip shot, you are playing with confidence because the first thing you that you want to understand is it's not just to be out getting the ball to the hole right?

Because you want to be able to get the ball to the hole every single time not just now and then so the thing is the first thing that we have to make sure that we've got right is actually what we're doing here (playing the chip shot).

Then we worry about the hole!

Now I'll just quickly share this with you when when I'm teaching people what they want to do and focus on is getting the ball in the hole.

Now that's a no no with me because there's no point you trying to aim at the hole if you're chipping technique is not that great.
The first step in in chipping is always make sure you technique is right!

Now I'm going to show you a very simple little thing that you can work on and then you start aiming at the hole.

First step is technique then next step is target.

It doesn't actually matter whether you are working on chipping or whether you're working on something else… it's always get to step one technique, then step two target.

This is what we are going to do today.

You will need;
2 tees
Your sand wedge or pitching wedge
Golf ball.

Set the tees not far from the edge of the green, enough space so that your tees are wide enough for your wedge to fit through. I call the two tees a gate. You want the wedge to be able to go through the gate.

Now you have your tees set up. Line your left foot in line with the tees (if you are right handed, if you are left handed line your right foot in line with the tees).

Set the golf ball in line with the centre of the chest and set your wedge in behind the ball.

Puch your hands slightly forward so that they are in line with your left leg (if you are right handed) or right leg if you are left handed.
The plan is to now chip your ball so that your wedge goes through the tees (the gate) and you hold your finish position with the golf club.

So think of “through the gate and hold”.

Remember when you are working on your chip shots it is..
1. Work on technique
2. Aim at target

Never the other way around!

Have an absolutely awesome day, take care, and remember; Tee it high and Let it fly.

To your golfing success,
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Tiffany Mika

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