#124 Web TV: Golf Driving Tips - Get More Distance Part 1

Golf Driving Tips - Get More Distance Part 1

I quite often get a lot of emails requesting how to get distance with the driver. I thought we have got to talk about this because people are looking for more distance out of their shots, could be their tee shots, could be their 3 woods, 5 woods, irons, the whole works.

What I’m going to do is to show you an easy tip that is actually going to help with distance and it will also help you with stability.

Distance is really the end result of stability.

I really have to tackle it because a lot of people come to me about wanting more distance. I find that the most consistent two things that people ask me is distance and consistency.

That’s the thing they are looking for, they never ask me for accuracy it’s always distance or consistency.

The thing that I will say to you right now, is that we need to ensure that if you want to get more distance out of your swing, whether it be a tee shot, a 3 wood, a 5 wood, a hybrid, an iron you have to make sure you are doing quite a few different things.

It’s not just one secret... there are actually quite a few elements that you have to piece together in order for it to happen. A lot of people tend to think it is a quick fix and it’s just going to happen magically.

Anything worthwhile with a golf swing will require effort.

The first thing that I want to say before I actually show you this really cool easy tip that you can go ahead and work on... is that we need to make sure that you get the understanding that what you want to be able to do is to create a good technique.

It’s really important that technique comes first. I’m a big believer in technique, as you know, I teach golf, but I’m very technique minded, I’ve taught tennis, I’ve been a professional tennis player, all of that type of thing and any sport that I’ve ever played it’s always been about technique.

The reason I say that is because if you are mechanically efficient and technically correct you are going to get more distance, you are going to get more accuracy, you are going to get the type of shots you want to get out of your golf game.

The first thing that I will say is technique, and as you know, I give out a lot of tips about technique in my tips from Tiff. I want you to keep in your mind that technique is really important. The other thing I want to put to you is that you have to work on your mind as well.

Because you are going out there and hitting the driving range and practicing, you may not be practicing the right things, you may not be practicing with purpose.

I know a lot of people who go out and practice just for the sake of it, hitting balls and hoping that it is all going to come together, or I am working on what you told me but it’s not all coming together yet.

We need to make sure there is a practice plan in place, and you need to make sure there is also purpose behind it.

We could talk about this forever, you know I love mind set, before I give you this tip.

Why are you playing golf?

People play golf for different reasons, I play golf because I love the sport, I love the technique, I love the most pure shot that you get when you hit the tee shot straight down the middle, or you hit the most awesome pitch shot, within a metre of the hole and then sink a beautiful little putt, a one metre putt and you have birdied the hole, eagled the hole or even parred the hole, to me it’s absolutely pure. That’s why I play golf!

Why do you play golf?

I want you to be thinking about it while you are out practicing, why are you out there?

Why are you hitting the driving range every day?

Why are you going out and playing golf with your girlfriends, or mates or partner?

Why do you do that, why are you out playing golf?

I want you to really think about it because it can be difficult at times, sometimes we are not getting the results in our golf game. We don’t see instant results.

It was funny, I was working in the garden recently  and I was thinking that you see instant results, you pull weeds out, clean up the area, you see instant results.

You could go out and slog away at your golf game for three months, six months, even twelve months and you might feel that you are not seeing a difference. I see the differences in the people I work with, but you may not see the difference or feel the difference.

The thing that I will share with you right now is that you have to keep going at it. Make sure you are setting goals, make sure you are practicing with purpose, make sure you have a practice plan. It’s very important.

I will talk about this in more depth in another video but I got carried away because I’m very passionate in making sure that you are getting what you want out of golf and you are achieving your golf dreams.

Let’s get onto Golf Driving Tips: Get More Distance Part 1.

This tip that I’m going to share with you is more about stability, it will help with distance over time, but I’m a big believer with the golf swing that we make sure we are working from the ground up.

People believe, I’ve seen golf pros teach this as well and I scratch my head at it, is they get you to swing really quickly with your arms at the shot, if you haven’t got your body sequencing right then it’s not going to work. All you are going to do it to get more mistakes.

Remember, it’s all about getting the technique right first... making sure the body is sequencing at the right time. But this one is going to help you in creating stability, we always want to work from the ground up. We don’t work from the top down, we work from the ground up.

This is a stability drill I’m going to give you that you can apply to any golf club, your driver, I’m actually going to do it with the driver but you can also apply it to hybrids, woods, irons, you can drill away at this one.

I want you to set the ball in line with your left leg, directly in line with your left foot and I want you to set up, you can do this with your driver. The other thing I want you to do it to set your right foot back, you may have seen me talk about a drill like this before, doing a chip shot to create stability, you can do this with everything. We need to create stability first in our golf swing.

Set the left foot forward so it’s in line, right foot back (if you are a left handed golfer it’s going to be the opposite).

I don’t want you to do a big elaborate swing or anything like that I just want you to feel that you are doing a half swing... but the thing that I want you to feel when you are setting in is that your left leg is really planted, your foot is really planted into the ground and you can feel the muscles working in the left foot.

It important that you feel the muscles working in your foot because we need to create grounding and the other thing is to make sure the muscles are working in the actual leg. Our quads and our hamstrings, even out butt because it will create the stability that we want, that we’re looking for.

When you set up, I want you to lock your leg in and all I want you to do is not to swing hard with your upper body, just creating stability with the lower body.

Now, back, through, hold. What I feel coming through is a lot of stability through my left leg, I don’t feel like I’m wobbling around. That’s the big thing we want to make sure that you are doing in this specific drill.

I’ll share some other things with you in future videos on how we can take this further but I want you to make sure you are creating the stability in the left side.

Do it with every club you are struggling with, do this drill with it, start creating some stability and then I’ll show you in a future video how we can adapt it and apply it to the actual golf swing.

That’s the first thing that I want you to be working on... making sure you have a lot of stability in your left leg

You know I want you to play consistently, I want you to play happy golf, I want you to be a happy golfer, I want you to feel really good about yourself within, I want you to enjoy playing golf.

Have an absolutely awesome day, take care, and remember; Tee it high and Let it fly.

To your golfing success,
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Tiffany Mika

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