#118 Web TV: DIY Driving Range at Home

Your Own Personal DIY Driving Range at Home

Don’t have time to go down the road or go to the driving range or it might be a bit of a distance for you to travel, whatever.

Well, I have the solution for you.  Your own personal driving range at home.  I’m going to talk to you about this one today.

How about this!  Your own personal diving range at home. You have your own net and the whole getup.

Luckily for me, I have popped up to my Mum’s place for the weekend and Mum has this set up as a permanent thing, in the garage. It’s something that you can actually go out and practice on.  She says that when she is very diligent she actually comes out and practices for about thirty minutes a day on this. But, she has start and do it again!

What you see here is a great net setup and you can get that from your local pro or golf store and so on. Now, the thing that she has also got here is obviously a mat to hit off.  This mat is great because it has a smooth and a rough side to actually practice in both.

The other thing that she has actually set up is a whole heap of towels.  There is quite a number of towels on the floor because when the ball hits the target area it will bounce down.  Because it is a concrete floor the ball goes ching, ching, ching and bounces up all over the place.  What Mum has done here is to put down quite a layer of old towels so when the ball hits the target area it will just fall down.

So there is no excuse that you can’t go and practice if you have your own driving range?

You can set something like this up in your garage, even if you don’t have the opportunity to put it in the garage you can always just put this out in the backyard, it’s easy to pop up and set up so there is no excuse that you can’t actually go and work on your golf game.

What could you do here?  We are a little bit limited with being able to lift the club up because we are in the garage and there are beams that are a little bit low, but we can still work on something specific.  We can actually get out our sand wedge and we can work on creating really good contact through the ball. When you are doing your set up, when you have your club set to go, just do a long tic toc, back and through and turn and then I want you to work on holding your position through the shot.

We can just do that at the net, can’t we?

Quite simple. All we do is to set up and then swing back and through and HOLD.  It then hits out target area, obviously if you are missing the bulls eye then you just re-position the mat so that the mat is in line with where you want the ball to go.

That’s a really good thing that you can work on with your sand wedge.  You should be working with all your wedges on that type of shot. There is nothing to say you can’t do that with your full swing as well. If you come and have lessons with me your will find I am a big fan of the eight iron. Especially when you first start with me I actually get you to get your eight iron out, I love the eight iron simply because it is a shorter club and it shows me what is actually going on in your swing and it’s enough to be able to manoeuvre to make sure things are actually happening properly in your golf swing.

We can do that here too.  You can work on making good contact, that same thing you did with your sand wedge, working on making really good contact with your eight iron as well.  Just doing a nice little back and through action and making sure you are turning your left hip through the ball.

All we are doing here, is the same thing.  Just do the set up, get set, then back and through and then we hold our position. We can hear that we are hitting the target area and we are making sure to maintain our position through the shot.

This set up is something really, really simple to do at home. So simple. A nice simple net, the balls are not going to fling off all over the place.  Unless you have a concrete floor so remember to lay some towels down.  You have a target area set up and you can work on making really good contact with the ball.

The most important thing when you are actually playing golf is not what you are doing with the back swing it is actually what you are doing down through the ball. If you are making really good solid contact with the ball and you are practicing this type of thing, into a net, you will be really amazed when you actually go out on the golf course.

Because you have trained yourself so much on doing it here, it will be much easier for you to do it out on the golf course.

I hope you enjoyed this little session inside my Mum’s garage.  It’s a great little set up here and there is nothing stopping you from doing it yourself, remember it is a do it yourself driving range, easy to do, easy to pop up, easy to set up and I hope you got a lot of joy out of watching this fun little activity today.


Have an absolutely awesome day, take care, and remember; tee it high and let it fly.

To your golfing success,
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Tiffany Mika

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