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#109 Web TV: Improve Your Chip Shot This Way Part 1

How to Improve Your Chip Shot This Way Part 1.

How would you like to create more consistency with your chipping?

I’m going to show you a very simple way in which you can do that and you are going to love it!

As you can see I’m actually on the teaching tee here and the reason that I’m here is that I want you to take the pressure off yourself with regards to chipping your shot to a green.  I want you to take the pressure off yourself in which you have to chip to the green. I want you to work just purely on the actual technique of the swing.

What I’m going to do here and it’s really, really easy and I’m going to keep it as simple as possible for you.

What I want you to do if to put your left foot forward, just put your left foot forward and we are going to sit our right foot back. The right foot is going to be in line with the back of the left heel. I’ll show you, next week, that angle on next week’s tip so that you know exactly what you need to do, but I want to show you from the front angle.

Out left knee is going to be just slightly bent but it is going to be really anchored. The feeling that I want you to create is almost like you took your shoes off and you had a monkey grip with your feet. It’s like you have a monkey grip and you are gripping an actual branch. I want you to get that feeling here.

I want you to really lock in and keep that left leg really secure and then sit your right foot back. All I want you to do here is to hold your hands halfway down the grip and I want you to just swing back and through. You are not trying to flick the ball up, all you are going to do is to swing back, through, hold.

As you can see my left leg wasn’t wobbly and it didn’t move around. I’ve got that stability. In order for us to create some consistency in our chipping we need to make sure that we are very secure in that left leg. Obviously I’m right handed and that’s why I’m demonstrating it that way. If you are a left handed golfer it would be your right leg.

Just make sure it is nice and stable with that left leg. Back and through action and just allow the ball to pop off the club face.

Remember, go and do it on a teaching tee or a practice tee somewhere. Don’t go and do it on the green yet because I want you to work on getting the consistency from the action.


Have an absolutely awesome day, take care, and remember; tee it high and let it fly.

To your golfing success,
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Tiffany Mika

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  • Hi Tiff I have been taught to point both feet towards green have not had a lot of success will try your tip.

  • Great tip as usual. Practicing on the carpet now!

    Wendy Vaughan ( Unwin)

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