Swim Faster Than A Shark

This episode is focused on how to prepare for a swimming race for an 11 year old and how visualisation was a key factor in the success.

My niece wanted to get into the Zone trials for her swimming a few weeks ago at her school swimming carnival. And she was worried about how she would do, so this is what we worked on at the Swimming Carnival prior to her upcoming race.

We created a Pre Swim Routine and A Plan for her once she was in the pool.

Remember here we are working with an 11 year old and not an adult, so they see the world very different to how we see it.

3 Steps to The Swim Plan In Swimming Carnival

1. Pre Swim Chant - eg. "I am strong and powerful"

2. Swim Plan on The Blocks - "I am going hard and as fast as I can until I hit the wall"

3. Go For It!

It worked great for her however she took it a step further this past weekend gone at another Swim Carnival which she got personal best times for each race.

My niece worked on her visualisation technique (as I would call it). This is what she said to me when I asked if she did the same as we worked on the previous week, "Aunty Tiff I added something else in, I pretended a shark was chasing me down the pool!" 

I said "Perfect!" 

It shows you how powerful you can be when you want to achieve something, you stay in the moment, visualize so that you can perform better in the moment. 

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