Lessons Learned: 2 Lessons Learned This Week 3rd November 2018

These lessons from this week I quite often find they are a work in progress.
When you hear or see someone as being successful in your eyes, you believe they have got it all figured out. And you know what; they don't have it all figured out.
However, what makes them different to you is that they are willing to refine and continue to work on how they can be better. How they can manage themselves better, how they can refine their skills and how they can be better at everything that they do. It is a constant work in progress.
Lessons learned this week:
1. Keep Working On The Success Habits
2. How Not To Burn Out
Leave a comment what you liked best about what you heard today. Reach out and share with Tiff your lessons that you have learned - what have you discovered about you? Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams. To your abundance, Tiffany Mika
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