#62 How To Create Consistency

Want to know how to create consistency? It's quite simple really.
It's PRACTICE! You have got to do the drills.
What I mean is that you must do the exact actions you must have in place that you can repeat over and over again. Consistency isn't just in your sport. Consistency must be applies in everything that you do such as; * how mentally consistent are you? * do you consistently put the right fuel in your body to perform? * do you consistently train to keep the body fit and strong?
If you are looking for consistency here is what to do;
1. Get a Good Coach
2. Break Skills Into Chunks
3. Slowly Add Your Chunks Together (piece by piece)
4. Keep Practicing Chunks Individually & String Chunks Together
Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams. To your abundance, Tiffany Mika
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