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#57 Do You Think It Is Over After The First Shot?

When you are playing your sport and you have missed your shot, you've muffed your shot, missed a pass, done a double fault, whatever your sport is... do you think it is over?
I have seen many players believe that they should have done a perfect shot on their very first shot and if they haven't it has set them up for the day.
How short sighted is that?!!! It is only your first shot. How can you deal with this?
Understand that you have no rhythm, no feel for competition play for your sport as you have only just begun. You will need to prepare yourself then this is how you ease yourself into your game.
1. Warm Up - warm up your skills and your body.
2. Breathe - control your breathing.
3. Set An Intention For Your Performance Level.
4. When You Are Playing - what is your focus?
Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams. To your abundance, Tiffany Mika
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