#56 Frightened Of Making Mistakes? Here's How To Overcome Them!

Do you find that you get so worried that you are going to make a mistake, that it will happen anyway?
I believe there are 4 reasons why this happens;
1. We Don't Trust Ourselves
2. We Don't Trust Our Decisions That We Have Made
3. We Believe Making Mistakes Are Bad
4. Expectations We Shouldn't Make Mistakes
How can we overcome that? I explain it in more detail in this episode but you want to look at mistakes as FEEDBACK! Feedback;
1. Analyze what went wrong & how to fix it?
2. What went right and how you can improve it? Ask yourself this question: How can I get better?
Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams. To your abundance, Tiffany Mika
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