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#55 Does Anxiety Hold You Back From Performing Well In Your Sport?

I have got a few questions to ask you. When you are playing your sport...
1. Does your body feel tense?
2. Do you worry you will play badly?
3. You can't think clearly during he game?
4. Do you have an upset stomach?
5. Do you find it hard to concentrate on the game you are playing?
6. Worry you will let others down?
If you are feeling this way , yes you are anxious how you will play, but it's because you want to do well. I get it!
All you can do is control the hear and now. Here are 3 steps below how you can do that.
1. Learn breathing techniques
2. Meditate
3. Focus on one shot at a time
Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams. To your abundance, Tiffany Mika
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