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Long Term Health & Longevity

Vegetable Nitrates For Blood Flow Leads To Brain Health Benefits

beets with beet juice
Newer studies on vegetable nitrates for blood flow support are looking beyond athletic performance and evaluating brain health benefits. Investigate the newer research on vegetable nitrates here.

The B Vitamins May Have Long Term Benefits for Cognitive Function

vitamin b picture of veges fruits nuts
B vitamins are well known for their role in energy metabolism, but new research indicates that they may also have an important role in supporting long-term brain health and cognitive function. View this blog post to see what the research has discovered.

How Much Sugar Is In The Food That We Eat?

sugar written on bench with sugar

Many everyday foods, beverages, and condiments contain a surprising amount of added sugar and don't have much nutritional value. Cutting back on these sources of excess sugar is a good idea for both your well-being and your waistline.But do you need to eliminate sugar completely from you eating regime? View this blog post to find out more.

8 Reasons Why Start Your Day With Protein Shake

8 Reasons Why Start Your Day With Protein Shake - Tiffany Mika
How many times have your heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Does research really back up this claim? Let's see what the research has to say about breakfast.