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How To Recover From Bad Rounds, Bad Holes & Bad Shots

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Have you ever played a bad round of golf, played a bad hole or played a bad shot?
Of course, we all have!
But it's how we recover from a bad round, a bad hole or bad round which is key.
There are definitely 2 must do's before you play your round.
1. Warm up prior to playing golf (warm up your body and your shots).
2. Set your intention to find your swing rhythm - if you don't have it when you begin, your focus is to keep working on it until you find it.
It may take 3 holes, it may take 8 holes or it may even take 17 holes, but the intention is to keep working on it until you find it. when you find it then you work on maintaining it.
When you have finished your round as yourself these two questions;
1. What did I do well? (make a list)
2. What didn't I do well? (make a list)
From these answers you will create awareness on how you can play better golf, recover from bad shots, holes and rounds and gain the consistency you are looking to create.
Next episode I will share with you how to use these 2 lists to play better golf.


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To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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  • Hi Tina

    Just take it one step at a time. You will find it is a work in progress but just keep working on it regularly.

    Tiff :)

  • Hi Tiff,I listened intently and will follow what you say to do. In my case to ease up my rush. Thanks very much.

    Tina Rogers

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