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Be careful of the thoughts you have and the words in which you use to describe yourself because the Universe is listening and it will give you what you want, what you are saying and what you are thinking.
If you keep saying things like;
  • I am a beginner golfer
  • I am bad at golf
  • I am not consistent
  • I am hopeless at golf
  • I am not improving
  • I can't putt
  • I can't play golf
  • I can't hit my driver
Then you will always be playing from that space, because this is what you believe as you keep saying it, thinking it, feeling it and re-affirming it in your actions and results.
Can it be changed?
Of course it can but you will have to want it to be the change you want. You will have to say it, think it, feel it and believe it deep into your core.
In this episode I have covered in much detail how you can be the golfer you want to be and the consistent golfer you want to be. You may want to listen to this a number of times and take notes. 
I look forward to you to sharing this one with you.


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Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams.

To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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  • Hi Lynn

    I hear you.

    It’s tough when you know the talent you have for your sport you pursue and it doesn’t come through into fruition after everything that you have given it.

    You feel as though it has let you down.

    But it hasn’t let you down. It is just the fact that there were some skills that have been missing that held you back. And if you can identify what those skills are, then that is the GOLD!

    So don’t let the skating demons haunt you. Use what you learned from skating, develop the mental skills that were missing so that your golf can benefit from your learnings. If you ever want to chat about it further I am here for you.


  • Hi Paula

    I am very passionate as you know about helping you, golfers like you and anyone else who wants to help improve their lives, not just only on the golf course but in life. Golf is a great analogy for life. We have highs and everything flows so effortlessly and then we have challenges that we get confronted with so then it is how we deal with them.

    I always feel it’s important to share what I have gone through and also how I feel about what happens these days so that if you are experiencing the same you know that you are not alone.

    Always know that I am with you and we are a team so that we can accomplish everything you want together.

    This is great that you are going to change your mental approach to your golf and how you view yourself. And if you ever want to talk some more, we can always do a coffee :)

    Hope to see you soon.

    Tiff :)

  • Me again Tiff, I feel very moved by your story, opening your heart up like that and sharing it with others is so wonderful. It meant a lot to me as I think we all can put on a happy and positive persona, when deep down it can be quite a different story. I would never in a million years have known how you felt about yourself, as I see you as nothing but amazing, talented, kind, helpful and so giving. I am SO glad that you have changed your perspective of yourself for the better! Thanks for helping me, and no doubt anyone else who listens to that podcast, be less critical and more self-loving.
    Biggest hugs!
    Paula oxoxoxox

    Paula Screnci
  • Hi Tiff,
    Thanks for your words of wisdom, again! Just what I needed to hear and contemplate as my game has been up and down, and I think it is because I still think of myself as a beginner. Will focus on changing my mindset and book you for more private lessons. Especially now that I can come to Warringah again as from tomorrow :o)

    Paula Screnci
  • Thank you for sharing about your feelings about tennis. I am 59 and golf and have been an ice skater as well for over 21 years. I have felt the way you do about my skating as I have struggled with some elements for years. The way I talk to myself about these (failures) i.e. new wording (challenges) has set me back and caused me mental anguish. Starting today I will try to rewire my thoughts and begin to cut myself some slack mastering these skills. This year I finally dropped 5 strokes off my handicap and also birdied 4 holes! I will also begin to not judge myself harshly in the game of golf. :)

    Lynn Neuberger

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