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Feeling Is The Secret to Consistent Golf

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Do you want to play the best golf of your life?

You actually can.

And you can more often than you think if you get this right.

I have been able to tap into something that golfers are constantly searching for in their golf game.

How to play consistently and how to focus when you are playing to create consistency.

And it can work more regularly and you can have more consistent games.

Want to know more?

It's time to really pay attention to this episode.

I look forward to hearing what you discover.



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Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams.

To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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  • Loved this podcast. I will start to feel the feelings. I’m sure this will really help me when I’m practicing and playing. Thanks for sharing. Pauline 10/9/23

    Pauline Lawrence
  • Love it Tiff, makes so much sense. Feels like you could apply this not only to golf but in life too….thank you!!

  • Hi Tiff
    That was amazing! Thank you for sharing. I am looking forward to working on what you have given us.

    Rosie Bartlett

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