#57 Web TV: How to Stop Slicing the Golf Ball & Start Hitting Straight Shots

How to Stop Slicing the Golf Ball & Start Hitting Straight Shots

Today's tip I am going to show you how to stop slicing the golf ball and start hitting straight shots.

There is a way to stop slicing the golf ball, but the tip I am going to show you here is very simple.

When you are wanting fix your golf game the key to golf is to make sure that you give your time to practice the tip.

Usually the slicing errors occur in your golf swing because your path line of the club is not on the correct path line. Which means when you get to the top of your golf swing...and then you begin to bring your golf club down in the down tend to cast the club out with the hands, like you are going fishing. What then happens is that the club rather than coming back down the way the club went up, it comes down out away from the body so when you make contact with the come across the ball which you put slice on it...and guess where it goes...over to the right!

Not exactly where you planned!!!

Now to fix your golf slice we are going to make a slight change to your swing plane...don't freak will be easy and you won't have to think about it.

So, in order to fix the golf slice this is what you need...

  • 8 or 9 iron
  • Golf Balls
  • Head Cover


I want you to put the head cover underneath your arm pit...underneath your right arm (for right handed golfers). You then stand over the ball with that head cover tucked underneath your arm.

Set up to the ball...and what you then want to do is a half only take the club back half way. When you get back half then come back down, keeping your right arm nice and close to your right side, so that means keeping the head cover underneath your arm all the way back down in your golf swing.

So when you make contact with the ball, the head cover will still be underneath your arm. It is a nice compact shot and your body will turn with the swing. Don't continue through the ball with a golf swing finish, just allow the club to move forward and follow the ball, but still keep that head cover underneath the arm.

That is it!

Nice and simple...

What I want to emphasize though, is give time to practice this don't go out to comp tomorrow and try to implement it straight away. Go to the driving range and work on will take a bit of time but it will be worth the effort.

 To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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