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#54 Web TV: Here is the Golf Swing Secret to Hitting Over the Water

Here is the Golf Swing Secret to Hitting Over the Water

This week's tip is the golf swing secret to hitting over the water.

Golfers that I teach tend to have this fear of the water. What happens is that they see the water and they freak out about having to hit the ball over the water.

The issue here is that it is a mental battle that you experience when you see the water. I know when I first started playing golf I experienced the same thing. I had a mental challenge with the water.

The reason that you have a challenge with the water is that you are not confident in your golf swing. Therefore you don't trust your swing and because there is a lack of trust, then you are going to experience problems in getting the ball over the water.

You see what happens is that your focus is actually not on your golf swing. The focus is on the water. So when you stand over the ball ready to play your shot, all you think about is getting the ball over the water. The subconscious is saying 'water', because you keep talking about the guess where the ball goes? Yes straight into the water! You have already planted the thought of water into your mind.

What I am going to so is show you is my golf swing secret and get focused on hitting the ball over the water every time! And yes you can hit the ball over the water every time.

There are three areas that you have to be mindful of in getting the ball over the water...

  1. Confidence in your golf stroke (so that means trust your swing)
  2. Have a good rhythm in your golf swing
  3. Be focused on your golf swing and not the water

So when you set up for the ball the first thing I want you to do, is to just get a swing rhythm in your mind, such as thumbs up to take the club back, and thumbs down to make contact with the just need something that you can focus on in your swing that takes the focus away from the water. That's a good one to start with.

Now that you have that rhythm in your mind...what I want you to now do is to think right hip turn to take the club back and left hip turn to bring the club through. So what you are actually saying to yourself is...right hip turn, left hip turn. You start to get a feel for what your golf swing rhythm should feel like.

So now when you move back to the ball ready to play your shot...this is what you are saying to yourself...right hip turn, left hip turn...what you will then find if you are saying this to yourself when you are going to hit your shot, your focus is on actually playing the shot and guess where the ball will go...YES, YES, YES, over the water.

Because you are know focused on what you need to to do with your swing the focus has been taken away from the water. The water thought doesn't enter your mind!


It doesn't enter your mind because you are now focused on your swing and what you need to do to get the be possible shot at that moment in time.

To see what you need to do, view the video at the top of this page so you can see my golf swing secret to hitting over the water.

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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