#36 Web TV: Get A Grip & Make the Golf Swing Rip

Get A Grip & Make the Golf Swing Rip

This week's tip we are going back to what I believe is the most important element in the golf swing.

Yes it is the grip!!!

If you want your golf swing to rip then you need to have the right grip!

The reasoning behind this is really quite simple. If you are hooking and slicing for example then the first thing you should be looking at is your golf grip.

If your golf club slips in your hands, then check your grip, if you mishit the ball then check your grip!

The grip is so important!

Remember though if you are ready to make changes with your grip then it will take time to get used to the adjustment as does anything when making adjustments to your golf game.

So what is the grip I personally recommend?

Check out the video above.

Have a great golf day!

To your golfing success,

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Tiffany Mika

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