What To Do When You Hit A Plateau

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 How would you know if you have hit a plateau?

Let's have a look at what a plateau looks like;

  • you are working really hard and not seeing any change.
  • the harder you work you feel like you are going backwards.
  • there is no progress in your development.
  • you question whether your training and practice methods are right.
  • you are furstrated because there is no change.
  • you are angry.
  • you question and doubt yourself, are you doing the right things?

Should you make changes or should you keep going?

And yes it's a really frustrating place to be in because you are not seeing any progress and we always like to see progress. We actually like to see it all the time. And if we don't see it we believe we are not improving.

The reason for that is because we always want to be moving forward.

This is what happens when we set a goal;

  • we plan it out.
  • we have all the elements in the plan we have to work on.
  • we set goals for the year, quarter, month, week and day that we want to accomplish.

It's exciting because we have set the vision for what we want.

Then, we begin to work on the plan.

Initially it is exciting because it is new and a change from what we were doing before and we get right down into it and work really hard at it.

And yes we see progress in the beginning therefore, we expect that it will continue.

But at some point it slows down;

  • it gets boring.
  • it gets hard.
  • it gets frustrating.

The progress has slowed down or it feels as though it has stopped.

What do you do?

Do you stop, do you keep going or do you make changes?

How do you know if the progress has stopped?

Just by how you feel or whether you have won or lost?

Well, that won't give you a good enough indication. What we want to see is see the data. It is much deeper than a win or a loss.

This is all explained in detail in this episode so make sure you listen and get your note book out. You have some work to do.

Here are the 6 Steps of what to do if you hit a plateau:

  1. Identify a specific are in your sport that needs work.
  2. Create a way to track that area.
  3. Do it over a 4 week period.
  4. Compare the data you have accumulated.
  5. If you see progress keep going - If you don't do no.6.
  6. Break down specifics in technqiue to improve.

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