Striving In Lockdown: What You Don't Want Versus What You Do Want

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This is the first part of the Striving in Lockdown Series.

We are going to be focused throughout this series on what is going to help you strive and not dive whilst you are in lockdown. We want to have the approach that we are going to be moving forward rather than allowing what is occuring with Covid-19 hold us back.

It is very easy for us to be distracted right now;

  • we are not competing in our sport
  • some of us are no longer working
  • our school situation has changed from the classroom to the kitchen table, lounge room or bedroom
  • many businesses have shut down
  • people have lost loved ones
  • economies are crumbling around the world
  • there is talk of restrictions being removed and the fear of a second wave
  • there are fears whether we can recover from this financially
  • there are fears whether we can recover from this mentally
  • there is no guarantee when life will get back to normal again
  • there is so much out in the world we don't know
  • everything is so uncertain

When the lockdown initially occurred we all went through some form of fear;

  • how long will this last?

Our world as we knew it was turned upside down.

But time has gone on and some of us have been living with restrictions for 6 to 8 weeks already.

We have had to adapt to changes;

  • some people are ok with change (I find athletes cope better)
  • some people are not ok and they really struggle

Our lives as we knew it has been changed for the time being. It's tough mentally and it's tough emotionally.
We all cope with challenges differently.

If you are still at school your challenges will be different to your parents;

  • you are not competiting in your sport
  • you are socialising with your friends in the same way
  • you are doing your schooling from home with your siblings
  • you have to figure stuff out alone
  • your training and your practicing in your sport has changed
  • it's frustrating because you have no control over what is happening with the pandemic
  • when you have no control - you experience frustration, anger and fear (whole array of emotions)

Then there is your parents;

  • the fear of losing their job or business
  • how are they going to support you and your siblings
  • trying to find work
  • trying to make ends meet
  • trying to survive

We will have our different levels of how we will survive.

However, I also want you to see this as a time of opportunity of growth for you.


Getting clear on what you absolutely want in your life. Life is short and you've got to take advantage of this time you have now. Because time will just keep ticking and all of a sudden you will be much, much older and think where has the time gone?

Let's get clear here and answer the following 2 Questions;

  1. What don't you want in your life? (Write out in detail what you don't want in your life).
  2. What do you want in your life? (Write out in detail what you do want in your life).

It's time to get to work and keep moving forward. Let's GO!

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Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams.

To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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