Striving In Lockdown: Being Consistent

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Being consistent is one of the major keys to being successful.

And you must be consistent with;
* your positive thoughts
* your mechanically efficient technique
* your nutritional system
* your training and fitness
* your strength training
* your practise
* how you perform in your sport

Especially with how you operate as a person and as an athlete.

Because you have had to make some changes like I have been talking about in the Lockdown Series, I want you to understand how important more than ever it for you to be consistent. Just because things have changed doesn't mean that you can't be consistent because you can!

I want you to take this on as an opportunity to;
* grow and improve you
* improve your fitness
* improve your technical aspects of your sport
* improve your nutrition
* improve your strength
* improve your mind
* improve your structure
* improve your systems
* improve your habits


What can you be consistent with?
* Your practise
* Your training
* Your technical skills
* Your mental skills
* Your nutritional system
* Your belief system

And when you are consistent, that regularity compounds over time to give you the results you are wanting.

The most important in my opinion is Your BELIEF SYSTEM!

Believing in you needs to done on a consistent basis.

Like I always say...
* on these episodes.
* in the Get Focused Academy,
* in the Successful Athletes Masterclass,
* in my book 'FOCUS - How to reach your potential in sport, business and life',
If you believe it is possible it will happen!

Here is what you can focus on from this episode;
1. Choose a skill you are inconsistent with in your sport.
2. Practise that skill for 10 minutes per day.
3. Do it for 30 days straight!
4. Check your results in 30 days.

You will see an improvement!

Let's GO!

Let's Crush it!


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Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams.

To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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