Not Improving As Fast As You Would Like?

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When we look at our sport we judge ourselves on whether we have won or lost to whether we are improving. And that's actually not the right way to look at it. If you judge yourself purely on whether you have had a win or a loss, then we have a problem.

What does it mean that you are not improving as fast as you would like?

Does that mean that you are not winning?

Not winning means that you have shown that there are areas in your sport that you are weak and that your level of performance in competition is not where you would like it to be. Therefore, there are two elements you must look at in your sport.

1. Your weaknesses
2. Your performance level during competition

Let's look at your WEAKNESSES.

Here are what some of those weaknesses could be;
* lack of belief
* poor mental skills
* poor game play
* lack of speed
* lack of endurance
* your inability to cope with pressure
* no routines in your game
* poor technique

There can be so much more but you can see we are creating a list.


Here are what could be missing when you are competing;
* no trust in your technique
* lack of belief
* poor self talk
* lack of speed and endurance
* struggles with pressure from self, peers, coach and parents
* no game plan
* no routines
* no game structure
* no plan to take control
* lack of focus
* dictated by your emotions

Don't look at things on the surface. It is much deeper than that. This is why we have to go deeper and figure out why you are not improving as fast as you would like.

Now that you understand this, this is what you must do now;
1. Identify all your weaknesses
2. Identify what holds you back when you are competing
3. Figure out how are you going to implement your discoveries into your sport.

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Tiffany Mika

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