How To Stop The Burn Out

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This is an area that comes up constantly. I have had a number of conversations with athletes about it.

This is the athletes I have spoken to their current process of going after their goals;

  • They are working their butt off.
  • They are training and practicing really hard.
  • They put extra hours in the gym.
  • They put extra hours on the field, court, pitch and pool etc.
  • Work, work, work, train, train, train, practice, practice, practice.
  • No down time.
  • They keep grinding it out.

They keep pushing until they hit a point. And that point could be an injury or exhaustion.

What happens when exhaustion occurs;

  • Energy levels are depleted.
  • Don't have the strenght or stamina.
  • Incredibly fatigued.

What happens when an injury occurs;

  • You can't train at the intensity you had before

Injuries can be caused from;

  • Not performing the technique correctly.
  • Tired, exhausted and not paying attention.
  • Overtrained, overloaded and the repetition wearing the muscles out.

When we get to that point we hit burn out!

Keep trying to work through the burn out whether you are exhausted or injured will not improve it will only get worse.

There is this saying FEATHER - BRICK - TRUCK! (more information about this in today's episode)

The point with this saying, is that do you ignore the warning signs before it's too late or do you take note and change what is happening?

It won't be the many long exhausting hours that you put it that will give you the breakthrough, it will be the strategies and the quality of the effort that will get you the results.

Here are are 4 Steps To Stop The Burn Out!

1. Take an Aerial View of Your Life and Your Sport
Take note of what you are doing on a daily basis.
Ask the question - Is each action that I am doing getting me closer to accomplishing my goals?
Yes or No for each.

**2. For the Actions That Are A NO - what do you need to do to change it?

3. Devise A Plan
Please note that in your plan you must also add in;

  • Time Out
  • Do Something Else (for Fun)
  • Sleep & Recover

4. What Areas In Your Sport & Mindset Are You Going To Focus on Improving?

  • Decide what areas they are and how you are going to improve them.

  • If you are struggling with burn out.
  • You don't get picked for the team, even though you work your butt off.
  • You are not seeing the hard work payoff.
  • You are not seeing the results in your sport.
  • You are grinding it out everyday and feel like you are focusing on the right things.
  • But you are not performing well when it counts.
  • And you are finding it hard to stay motivated.

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Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams.

To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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