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Building Belief In You

If you don't believe you won't accomplish what you want. If you do believe in you then you can achive anything you want.

But, how do you build belief in yourself so you can get what you want in your life?

Great question!

The foundation of accomplishing all you want in your sport, you must believe in you. It's all well and good that others believe in you, but you have to believe it.

This is covered in great depth in this episode... the shortened version is reprogramming your subconscious mind.

It can be done in 3 ways.

1. Through hypnosis (the theta state) as you fall asleep your conscious mind shuts down and the subconscious takes over. (listen to a recording).
2. Repetition by doing it regularly
3. Super Learning

Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams.

To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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