Are Mental Skills Really That Important?

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We all know that our physical skills needed to be practised regularly and refined through repetition.

We now that don't we? Because we know if we work on our techniques in our sport and our fitness, we know that we can improve how we perform as we become more technically efficient.

But when we compete and we don't perform the way we want such as;

  • walking off the playing field, the boxing ring, the court, the course or the pool in disgust knowing we should have performed better
  • choked in critical points
  • our mind wandered off during competition
  • we became angry and frustrated with our performance and put ourselves down

Is that then we have to work harder on the playing field, in the boxing ring, on the court and court or the pool?

Absolutely not!

It means that the mental and emotional components, how you deal with those situations when you compete overshadow your physical performance. It doesn't mean you work harder physically, it means that it is time to work on the mental part of your game.

It is a misconception that athletes have superior mental skills or that they are just born with it. It is also a misconception that only elite athletes should be working on refining their mental skills.

You are in the right place at the right time. There has never been an opportunity like there is today to work on strengthening your mental skills. There is so much access to videos, podcasts, book, training, courses and coaches.

It's all there waiting for you to take it in both hands and run with it!

For more detailed information listen to this episode.

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