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Anti Bloodline Code: Won't Strive For Mastery

This Anti Bloodline Code and the Anti Bloodline Codes are what you don't want as part of what you are doing to pursue your sports career.

This Anti Bloodline Code - Won't Strive For Mastery is designed to kick you into gear and into action.

The main points of this Code are:
1. Don't believe you need to know the skills.
2. Will only do it if it is fun.
3. Rely on natural talent.
4. Rejects having to do the hard work.
5. Complains when gets beaten.
6. Blames everyone else.

I want you to think of the bloodline code as your code for success.

And why must you Strive For Mastery?

You are striving for mastery because you;
1. strive for excellence
2. seek optimal effort of yourself
3. are flawless in your skills

But in order for this to happen it will require time, physical and mental effort. It is going to be tough, you will have to grind it out and most importantly you will have to be patient.

So how do we focus on Mastery and what do we need to do?

Here are the 6 points below (they are outlined in greater detail in this episode);

2. Craft The Plan
3. Create The Drills/Exercises
4. Pressure Practice
5. Measure
6. Evaluate

Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams.

To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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