12 Tips You Can Learn From Ash Barty

For this episode I thought it would be good for you to listen to the words of a champion.

This champion is Ash Barty who recently won the Ladies French Open Title, the first Australian to win the title since 1973.

It is such an 'incredible win' as she puts it. And it was.

What we are going to listen to here are snippets I took from the Press Conference at Roland Garros immediately after her amazing win.

It doesn't matter what sport you play, tennis, soccer, hockey, golf and a swimmer or whatever sport you do play you can learn from her words of wisdom.

What I have done here below is to accumulate what I consider her 12 tips to her success for what she has achieved in the last three years of playing tennis.

**12 Tips You Can Learn From Ash Barty;**
1. Be techincally sound
2. Believe and trust your technique
3. Set goals
4. Work hard
5. Take every opportunity
6. Learn from yur mistakes
7. Grow as a person
8. Manage your body and ensure you are fit
9. Have your dreams
10. Build your power team
11. Be unique and create your own style
12. Believe in you

Begin to use these tips to build your path to your success in your sport.

Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams.

To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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