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What's Your Game Plan This Christmas - Temptations A Plenty

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This is one of the most challenging and temptating times of the year for lots of different reasons.

But what we want to do here is to devise 2 game plans how to manage ourselves throughout the holiday season. Because some high performers will tell you to keep pushing through and to keep going!

I will tell you the opposite.

You must have a break and you must take time off and time out from your regular routine. You must do this because you want to rest and recover from the year! It's been a big one. Plus it's important that you go and do some fun exciting activities you have wanted to do but just haven't go there yet.

Remember life is about exploring too!

Game Plan 1 - Rest & Recovery Plan

  1. Decide how much time off or break time you will have.
  2. Set some fun activities you would like to do.
  3. Nominate the days you will do the fun activities.
  4. Nominate the days you will do light training.
  5. What days will you plan to do nothing and just see what the day brings.

That's break time!

But what about food?

As athletes and high performers we can become obsessed over food, we use it to get the edge and to get the best performances out of us that we can. When we obssess about food it can dominate us especially at Christmas time as there are lots of yummy foods and plemty of parties, therefore there will be plenty of temptations.

Thr first thing I want you to understand that it's ok to enjoy these foods without the guilt. You deserve it and should enjoy it. You've worked hard all year therefore give yourself permission to eat without the guilt.

The secret it how to manage it!

Game Plan 2 - Intermittent Fasting
Give yourself a 16 hour window where you are fasting after you have been out at a party. Drink plenty of water and allow your body to recover. This is explained in much greater detail in this episode.

Get out your journal and take notes, this is a game changer.

Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams.

To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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