Striving In Lockdown: Quick Tips The Finale

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These are the Quick Tips for the Lockdown Series. They are short and sweet so you get the main points to get on with it!

Quick Tip: What You Don't Want Versus What You Do Want

Take this opportunity to figure out what you want in your life.

Here is how you are going to do it;

  1. Make a list of everything you don't want in your life
  2. Make a list of everything you do want in your life

It will help make things much clearer for you!

Quick Tip: Managing Yourself And Your Energy

What we are focusing on in this quick tip is focusing on you managing yourself and your energy.

What I mean by this is;

  • looking after nutritional health
  • looking after your physical health
  • looking after your mental health (comfortable in your own skin)
  • looking after yourself - selfcare - downtime and rest

Here is some structure for you to start bouncing back!

  1. Meditation
  2. Eat Well - Proper Nutrition
  3. Train for your sport
  4. Focus on your goals
  5. Hydrate
  6. Rest
  7. Affirmations

Quick Tip: Foundations Are Key

There are two most important areas you must be working on in your sport.

  1. Your technical skills
  2. Your mental skills

They both work hand in hand.

There are 2 Challenges I have set for you;

  1. Choose a technical skill that you are weak at or avoid and work on it for 10 minutes per day.

  2. Choose a mental skill that you are weak at or avoid and work on it for 10 minutes per day.

  3. Work on both of these skills for 30 days and share the results with me after that time.

Quick Tip: Essential Habits

More than ever I believe that this is the time you must redefine your habits that will help you strive forward rather than having habits that leave you floundering in fear, anxiety, stress, sad or depressed.

We don't want to be floundering!

It's time to get back and re-focus!

This is what I want you to do!

  1. Identify all the habits you have developed in lockdown.

  2. For each habit ask the question - does this habit move me closer or further away from any goal?
    (if answer is further away - eliminate the habit)
    (if answer is toward - keep the habit)

  3. What new habits can you implement to get you closer to your goal?

Quick Tip: Overcoming The Roadblocks

We have all been thrown the biggest challenge we have had to face in our lifetime thus far with the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

It has been a surreal time.

However this will not be the only challenge, obstacle or roadblock you will face in your life. There will always be more obstacles, roadblocks and challenges that will be thrown at you therefore we want to work through each one and never let any of them hold us back.

And this is the series of questions I want you to ask yourself each time you are thrown a roadblock, challenge or obstacle.

  1. What are the roadblocks, challenges or obstacles that are in your way right now?

  2. For each roadblock, challenge or obstacle brainstorm ideas how you can overcome them.

  3. What are the action steps you will put in place to overcome the roadblock, challenge or obstacle?

  4. What days will you work on these throughout your week?

Quick Tip: Grinding It Out

When I say Grinding It Out I am not referring to grinding out the lockdown or guiding you through the restrictions.

What I am talking about here is doing the work. All the striving in lockdown series is designed for you to keep going, to keep pushing and to keep moving forward.

And this is the same with the Grinding It Out episode.

The hardest part in anything that you do is "the work".

Here is how you want to approach Grinding It Out;

  1. Pick 6 areas in your sport that will move you closer to accomplishing your big sports dream.

  2. Pick 3 out of those 6 areas you have identified and work on them every second day.

  3. The other 3 areas left over work on them the alternate days.

Quick Tip: Take Control Of Your Emotions

How you feel is the result of how you think and what are your beliefs.

However here are the 3 main actions steps you can work on in taking control of your emotions.

  1. Positive Phrases when you compete - what are positive phrases you can use when you are competing?
  2. Stop & Take A Breath - if you can stop for a moment and breathe - regain your thoughts and slow down.
  3. Focus on Staying In The Moment - just do the best you can do in the moment.

Quick Tip: Being Consistent

Being consistent is one of the major keys to being successful.

Especially with how you operate as a person and as an athlete.

What can you be consistent with?

  • Your practise
  • Your training
  • Your technical skills
  • Your mental skills
  • Your nutritional system
  • Your belief system

And when you are consistent, that regularity compounds over time to give you the results you are wanting.

Here are the quick tips;

  1. Choose a skill you are inconsistent with in your sport.
  2. Practise that skill for 10 minutes per day.
  3. Do it for 30 days straight!

Check your results in 30 days.

Quick Tip: Learning From Feedback

How do you progress in your sport?

How do you progress in your life?

You learn from feedback!

Learning from feedback is crucial for your development in your sport and in your life. Any mistakes that you make remember it is just feedback. And we all make mistakes regularly.

Here is a simple exercise for you to do;

  1. Identify what mistakes you have made today.
  2. What was the feedback you received from the mistakes?
  3. From what you have discovered, what are you going to do to move forward.

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Tiffany Mika

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