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Striving In Lockdown: Overcoming The Roadblocks

Podcast Show - Listen Below

 Podcast Show - Watch Video Below

We have all been thrown the biggest challenge we have had to face in our lifetime thus far with the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

It has been a surreal time.

However this will not be the only challenge, obstacle or roadblock you wil face in your life. There will always be more obstacles, roadblocks and challenges that will be thrown at you therefore we want to work through each one and never let any of them hold us back.

What we have to do here is understand that there will be a number of skills that we will be developing now to overcome the roadblocks in our way.

And this is the series of questions I want you to ask yourself each time you are thrown a roadblock, challenge or obstacle.

1. What are the roadblocks, challenges or obstacles that are in your way right now?
2. For each roadblock, challenge or obstacle brainstorm ideas how you can oversome them.
3. What are the action steps you will put in place to overcome the roadblock, challenge or obstacle?
4. What days will you work on these throughout your week?

Let's get to work and CRUSH IT!




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