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Part 2: Goal Setting - What Challenges Will You Encounter

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Now that you have completed Part 1 Goal Setting, it's time to move into Part 2.

You should be now clear on what goals you are setting for your life and your sport.

Now it is time to identify what problems or challenges you will encounter and how you will overcome them.

Give yourself time to work through this one. Even though the questions are very straight forward allow for time to brainstorm and come up with action steps.

All you will need is two A4 sheets of paper to do this. One sheet for Life Destiny (Life/Personal Goals) and one sheet for Sport Destiny (Sports Goals).

Draw up 4 columns per page, write each of these questions in the 4 columns.


  1. Goal for Quarter
  2. Why is it a challenge?
  3. Why?
  4. What will I do about it?


  1. Goal for Quarter
  2. Why is it a challenge?
  3. Why?
  4. What will I do about it?

Both Steps 1 & 2 are explained in much greater detail in these episodes. Make sure you listen, take notes and do both of these steps in preparation for the next episode.

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