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How To Use Your Time More Effectively

Have you worked out how you can use your time more effectively?

In this episode we go through the process how to utlitise your time so that you can get more done and be more efficient.

Here is how you can work out your time more effectively.

Amount of Minutes in the day is 1440.

**You want to work out the following below in minutes;**
1. Your sleep time
2. Your work out (gym or training time)
3. Getting ready for your day (shower, breakfast, tidy up house etc)
4. Travel time to work/school/sport
5. Time with family
6. Your morning routine (mental preparation, meditation, habits you are working on improving etc)
7. And any other activites you do that are not related to work time/school/etc

**How many minutes are left over?**

1. If you go to work now work out your work time. (Or if it is school or sport work those out)

**How many minutes are left over?**

1. With these amount of minutes (hours) you have left over, how best are you going to use those minutes to get the most important tasks/skills/courses/learning/training etc done?

As mentioned in this episode I work in 45 minute blocks fo time with 15 minute breaks. And I use those 15 minute breaks to do other actions that need to be done that doesn't interfere with my work day... what are yours?

Each day may be different as is mine... but it will be how you structure your minutes in the day to get done what you want to get done, that is; working efficiently and effectively.

I look forward to hearing how you more prodcutive you become.

Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams.

To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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