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How To Overcome Mental Fatigue

Do you find that you get mentally fatigued, especially when you are working so hard on achieving your goals?

When you are wanting to be so much better, you work so hard and you are very diligent. You work on all areas of your life such as;
* your training
* your sport
* your business
* your career
* your relationships
* your health
* your fitness
* your learning

I get it how you want to be so much better, because that is what I do and want to.

When we are working so hard, it requires effort, it requires energy but if you are not careful you can hit burnout and mental fatigue.

In this episode we are going to establish the best way for you to tackle mental fatigue and how to manage you so much better.

What we need to establish is learning how to manage yourself with;
* knowing when you work at your best and how to utilize it to your advantage.
* knowing when you are not at your best and how to manage that.
* knowing when you are at your worst and what to do.

This is your plan which we talk about in this episode but here are the main points below;
1. Identify when you work at your best
2. Identify when you work at your worst
3. Identify when you are most motivated
4. Identify when you are not motivated
5. Plan your week around your understanding of you when you are at your best, your worst, most motivated and least motivated and put in the action steps that correspond with those so you can work at your best on the most important.

Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams.

To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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