How To Deal With Competitive Pressure

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This is one of the hardest things to deal with in your sport.

Dealing with competitive pressure.

How do you deal with the pressure when you compete?

First you have to identify where the pressure is coming from?
* you?
* your coach?
* your parents?
* your opponents?
* your peers?

Majority of the time it will come from you!

And the reason for that is because you want to perform well. You want to compete to the best of your ability and prove to yourself that you can get it.

You also want to prove to others that you can do it;
* your parents
* your coach
* your peers
* the negative nellies

But why in practice and training you perform so much better than you do in competitions and tournaments?

The difference is the PRESSURE!

The main reason is that it is your mental attitiude towards training and practise. It's just practise or it's just training, that doesn't count!

It certainly does count.

This is where you must be working on your mental attitude, because how you operate during practise and training won't be any different when you compete. And this is because you have been teaching yourself to perform this way. It's not as important therefore doesn't require the same effort.

This is covered in much deeper detail in this episode. You will need your note book for this one.

Here below is how to overcome pressure play when you compete.
1. Identify what happens to you mentally when you are under pressure during a particular pressure play in your sport.
2. Identify what happens to you technically when you are under pressure during a particular pressure play in your sport.
3. What is your new mental mantra you say during that particular pressure play in your sport?
4. What new technique or pattern of play can you do to beat that particular pressure play in your sport?
5. Practise it over and over again until it becomes part of you (automatic).

What you are doing is that you are anticipating the pressure and devised a method to overcome it.

That's what we do in the Get Focused Academy through the Athlete Success System to get the results you are after when you compete. 

Let's GO!

Let's Crush it!


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