Gain The Mental Edge - Lesson 2

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Gaining The Mental Edge - Lesson 2.

These lessons that are to be shared with you were originally part of the Get Focused Academy. The Get Focused Academy has been shut down due to taking a new path, but I felt that because there is really good content in them to help you, I am putting these up on the Podcast Show as I want you to benefit from them.

There is also a video that will compliment this audio as I take you through a slides and a worksheet. The worksheet I will make available on my website, below the video.

Here is the second lesson for Gaining The Mental Edge.

The Baseline Reality Check:

The purpose of the Baseline Reality Check is designed for you to obtain a clear understanding of your current circumstances.

With this understanding it will help you craft a system for moving forward and going after your goals. What we will be focusing on here are your Sport Categories. The Sport Categories are covered below;

Self Discipline
Performance Under Pressure
Relationship With Team
Relationship With Coach
Emotional Control
Mental Focus

This is outlined in much greater detail in this episode, so you will need to listen and take notes.


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