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 Everything feels like it is at a stand still right now.

No one is sure what to do... none of us are.

But the most important thing is that we must endeavour to stay safe and follow what is recommended.

Numerous businesses, schools, sporting facilities and gyms are being shut down for who knows how long. Sporting competitions are on hold.

It can be easy to get caught up in the hysteria, what the media updates tell you and the lockdowns. There are fears. A big fear is the fear of the unknown. I spoke about that in the episode "What Paralyses Us" I spoke about how fear of the unknown can cause us to get paralysed because we don't know what will happen.

Then what happens is that we start to create stories in our mind of different senarios of what could happen, we then feel anxious and uneasy. But remember they are just stories, they are not true, nothing has happened.

For you now, you can't control what is going on in the outside world - but you can control your thoughts and how you want to show up in the world.

So let's do something about this... let's craft the future you want to see for yoursel.

Create Your Manifesto

  1. Your Sport - what is your ultimate vision for your sport? Explain here in detail.
  2. Your Business - what is your ultimate vision for your business? Explain here in detail.
  3. Your Life - what is your ultimate vision for your life? Explain here in detail.
  4. Your Relationships - what is your ultimate vision for your relationships? Explain here in detail.
  5. Your Health & Fitness - what is your ultimate vision for your health and fitness? Explain here in detail.

What to Do Next...

  • Explain each section in detail.
  • Record it.
  • Put some nice background music in it.
  • Listen to it everyday.


Take Back The Control What You Can Control.

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  • You will be taking an inventory of the skills and mental skills you will need to achieve the level you are wanting to attain.
  • We will put a plan in place on how you are going to get there.

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I look forward to seeing you there.

Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams.

To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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