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Dealing With Disappointments

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Have you ever felt that when you compete and you stuff up the point, you stuff up the game or you stuff up the match... do you have a hard time dealing with it?

Do you have expectations set for yourself and when you haven't achieved them , do you keep tell yourself how bad you are at your sport? Or you are just not good enough? Or you will never make it?

I get it!

You want your goals. You want to win.

But if you keep getting disappointed and you have these expectations. Then you don't play or perform as good as you want to then did you know you keep repeating the same pattern over and over?

Yes there is a pattern coming up here. What we need to do is to craft a way to help you deal with disappointments because reality is that disappointments will keep coming. Therefore we need a system to deal with it.

Below is a 4 Step Formula To Deal With Disappointments;
(please note it is outlined in much greater detail in the episode)

1. Acknowledge - acknowledge that you have made some mistakes.

2. Accept - accept that you have made some mistakes.

3. What Did You Learn? - what did you learn from those mistakes?
a. What mistakes did you make?
b. How did you make those mistakes?
c. What did you say to yourself when you made mistakes?

4. What Do You Do Now? - how do you turn those mistakes into getting better results?
a. What can you do to ensure it works better next time?
b. What are the words you say to yourself when it doesn't work?
c. What are the words you say to yourself when it doesn't work?

It's a process. It's you working on giving your best effort and you keep trying and trying again.

Do not give up!

These are explained in much greater depth in this episode. Get out your notebook, take notes and starting crafting this 4 step formula to dealing with disappointment.

Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams.

To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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