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Are You Frightened Of Losing?

When it comes to playing your sport, are you frightened of losing your games, your matches, your competitions and in your tournaments?

There could be a combination of reasons why you are frightened of losing, such as;
* letting the team down
* letting others down who are relying on you
* letting your parents or relatives down
* letting the coach down
* don't want to look like an idiot
* don't want to look like you can't play
* you will find it embarrassing
* you are not good enough
* you don't want to be beaten
* you are not popular when you lose

But other than how you feel... how good are you at:
* your sport?
* how good are your sports skills?
* how fast are you?
* do you have the mental and physical stamina to get through?
* are you agile?
* how well do you perform in training and on game day?
* how well do you handle pressure?

If all of your energy is focused on not losing... you will lose because you are not focused on what you must be doing versus worrying about losing.

Your focus is to begin working on your plan. Get this right, it's an essential part to begin working on.

1. What skills must you master?
2. What does your fitness level need to be at?
3. What type of food should you be consuming to perform at your best?
4. What performance level must you be at in training and on game day?
5. What will you do to handle pressure?

It's time to identify why you are frightened then how you will put these first steps in place?

Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams.

To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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