Anti Bloodline Code: No Courage

It is really tough putting yourself out there on the line or putting yourself into that arena because you know what it does when you do that?

It exposes your vulnerabilities.

When we feel vulnerable, we feel as though we are weak and when we feel weak it makes us feel not strong enough and not good enough to be slogging our guts out everyday.

How No Courage in this Anti-Bloodline Code is clarified - the main points;
1. When it gets tough you give up.
2. You stop when you run into a barrier.
3. You hate feeling week - your vulnerabilities get exposed.
4. You prefer comfort.
5. You are scared that you won't be good enough.

But what if;
* You don't feel brave?
* You are afraid to feel uncomfortable?
* You are afraid to expose your vulnerabilities?

We have to push ourselves out of our comfort zone because if we don't we won't improve.

So how can we change from having No Courage to having Unshakeable Grit (Ultimate Courage)?

We Develop Our Bravery Strategy.

**How To Develop Your Bravery Strategy **

1. Identify What Scares You.
(Write out what scares you in your sport - explained in more detail in this episode)

2. Create Your Alter Ego.
(Make a list of the person who you want to be - explained in more detail in this episode)

It's time to craft your Bravery Strategy!

Have an absolutely awesome day and remember, Dream Big, Believe In You & Go After Your Dreams.

To your abundance,

Tiffany Mika

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